H-E-B Management Internship: First Day Impressions

You’re a history major, Sarah. Why are you pursuing a Store Ops Management internship with H-E-B?

Well, as long as I can remember, H-E-B was my family’s grocery store. Not only am I total foodie, but I have great memories of going to the store with my dad to pick out food to grill on the back porch. My friends know that my Sunday afternoon visit to          H-E-B is one of the highlights of my week, simply because I love the atmosphere of the store and fresh products.

In addition… “you can’t spell Texas without H-E-B”. I love H-E-B’s values and good ol’ Texas spirit. My friends who leave Texas say that they really miss H-E-B once they’re gone. It’s more than a grocery store to Texans; H-E-B’s commitment to serving the community has uniquely tied them into our hearts.

Above all, I chose H-E-B because of the company’s obvious commitment to a culture that encourages caring for people, community service, innovation, work ethic, and a drive for excellent financial results. H-E-B is truly a different kind of retailer, and they put their partners (employees) first. Their philosophy is that if you take care of your workers, everything else (success on the customer and company end) will follow. These aren’t just words; I’ve really experienced their generous spirit and welcoming culture today and at a mixer last week. It’s truly amazing. I compared my welcome to that of my completely wonderful church family in Waco. How rare is that? This company (Texas and Mexico only) isn’t ranked #7 nationally in “10 Best Places to Work” by Glassdoor.com without excellent reason! The people I’ve met so far are passionate about H-E-B, and I am thrilled to be here.


Belton, Texas: Ideas for Sunny Days

This past month, rain clouds have taken up residence in central Texas. The weather app displays thunderclouds over every day for the next week and a half. It is dark, humid, and warm outside; and this is unfortunate, seeing that outdoor activities are always the best option for entertainment in small town America. I know rain is good for Texas with our continual drought and all. But people…maybe you can take a break on praying for rain?

With all this rain, I’ve realized how much I love Belton’s outdoor attractions, and so I thought I’d write about them! In addition, Belton is only an hour from Austin and 45 minutes from Waco. For those of y’all looking for a new hike or day trip with friends, consider Belton. So… On those days when the sun defies the weather man’s predictions (as Texas weather loves to do), the following list is some of the places I’ve enjoyed throughout my years here. I’ll do my best to give a Google Maps address or some street directions, but you might have to get a local to show you the way! At least you’ll know it’s out there.

1. Chalk Ridge Falls Park

pc: www.asergeev.com

Google Maps address: 5600 Farm to Market Road 1670, Belton, Texas 76513-7055

This park is right below the dam of Stillhouse Hollow Lake. Start out on the main walk from the parking lot, and don’t turn off the main route until you hear running water! I enjoyed climbing up the waterfall as a kid (it’s not that big) and hiking up the creek some. Or you can swim in the basin below. It’s undergone some change in the past years, so I’m not sure if the swinging suspension bridge is still there but that’s fun too. After the bridge, continue down to some of the trails by the river and notice the little caves in the cliffs on the right. Warning: the last couple times I’ve been here, the maintenance of the park hasn’t been the best. But hopefully this will have improved!

2. The tube shoots on Nolan Creek (Downtown Belton)

Google Maps address: 219 S East St, Belton, TX 76513 (takes you to The Gin restaurant, and then you can walk down to the river from there)

This brand-new series of tube shoots on Nolan Creek is so fun. Both inner tubes and kayaks can go down Nolan Creek; I’d scout it out a bit before you start. I can see this becoming a central hangout spot for Belton families in the summer because it’s also simply beautiful. Large pieces of limestone line the river and provide sort of a community patio, complete with wide steps perfect for picnicking. The shoot for tubing dams the water into a pleasant wading area. On the side of the river away from the courthouse, there is a sidewalk stretching from the Belton Christian Youth Center all the way to the University of Mary Hardin Baylor. If you’re across the river, face the courthouse and walk to the left. You can follow the trail by the river through nice parks to a new bridge.

Also: Belton is really developing the downtown area, and I’d recommend walking through some of the downtown shops as well. Look up Arusha’s Coffee and Tea, Moore Garrett & Co. (if you like antiquing), and the Creekside Weigh Station (a yogurt shop under new management). Just off the river, the little square around The Gin holds a good Mexican restaurant named Corona del Oro, the Nolan Creek Winery, as well as a pizza place and a spa. It’s very pretty at night with the strung lights and glowing courthouse.

3. The Bridge between Temple and Belton

Google Maps address: 1410 Waco Rd, Belton, TX 76513 (address to nearby Summer Fun Water Park)

This isn’t a park and takes a little persistence and willingness to trudge through some grasses. On the Belton side of the bridge, across the road from Summer Fun, look for a trail down to the river. It’s not all that difficult to find! Look to the right for the huge fallen tree stump; it’s interesting. I was there a couple days ago, and the dewberries are just about ripe. Follow the river til you see the dam. That’s a good view of the river as well as a nice place to sit and chat. I think a lot of people come here to fish. It’s mostly fun because it’s a place only known to locals.

P.S. Cool off afterwards at Frosti Cones in the Summer Fun parking lot. Soft serve ice cream + sno cones= a Belton favorite.

4. Miller Springs (http://www.millerspringsnaturecenter.org/)

WEB-4143 IMG_4154

This park, below the Belton Lake Dam, has miles of trails. There’s an entrance on both sides of the dam that you can find just by driving. Honestly, I don’t know the best way to explain what all you can see, but if you’ve never been here before, you’ll enjoy wandering. This is my dad’s favorite thing about living in Belton; he often jogs and bikes here. My brother found a waterfall up in the cliffs in the park too. There are beautiful limestone cliffs all throughout this area! If you’re a Beltonian, I recommend asking one of your more exploratory friends to show you the good stuff :)

5. Belton Lake

Lake Belton Dam (). Photo by tennisanyone

pc: http://www.wunderground.com/wximage/tennisanyone/11?gallery=

Google Maps address: 2207 Lake Rd, Belton, TX 76513 (address for nearby Dead Fish Grill)

Belton Lake attracts people from all over for boating and fishing. I’d recommend watching the sunset from the dam or pulling the car off the road to look at the dam up close and explore the cliffs. The nearby Dead Fish Grill has fantastic views and summer drinks. Frank’s Marina has boats for half-day and whole-day rental, but that’s pretty pricey.


pc: left: my Instagram, right: Weston O’Leary

My family enjoys kayaking on the lake as well as the river behind the dam. Go to the Westcliff Park boat ramp and kayak to the right along the shore, until you see a neat, picture-worthy waterfall (though not natural). It’s larger up close.You can also walk along the cove to the waterfall. I’ve gone cliff jumping out at the lake too, but I’d recommend going with someone who knows the way and has done it there before. Check the water depth first! There is tons to explore around Belton Lake, including camping.

6. BLORA (Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area)

Come here for swimming, boating, playgrounds, grilling and even water slides. I think there’s some mountain biking trails as well. If you want a small taste of the beach, this is a great place, although a bit crowded on the weekends. As a kid, I liked the paddle boats!

In conclusion:

These places have enough acreage and exploring in them to fill an entire summer. Don’t ever say there’s nothing to do in Belton again! I know there’s so much I left out; these just seemed to be the highlights. However I’d love to hear your recommendations too. If I haven’t heard of it, I’ll do a bit of exploring and then add it to this post later.

Cass Sunstein Remembers Thurgood Marshall

As someone who is very interested in Brown vs. Board of Education, I loved this personal insight into the genius behind the NAACP Legal Defense team.


You clerked with Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. What was he like?

He was very, very quick. He had a sense of the human reality of the cases, which he could size up in an instant partly because because he had been a trial lawyer. He was a repository of experience such as the human race rarely has. In the sense that he had been a lower court judge, a Supreme Court justice, solicitor general of the United States and the most successful supreme court advocate probably in the court’s history—at the point when the court was arguably more significant than at any time in the nation’s history.

So he argued and kind of conceptualized Brown v. Board of Education and he had at the top of his mind, it seemed, stories and anecdotes about the early civil rights days. He knew Martin Luther King, he had been on the…

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7 banned books that everyone should read | MNN – Mother Nature Network

7 banned books that everyone should read | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

Absolutely worth reading. Books have the chance to be voices  for minorities in our culture. If we ban books, we are often shutting down the voices of people outside the majority culture/privileged class. To those missing the good old days: Just because literature has always been a certain way in the past doesn’t mean it has always represented the entire population.

The “You’ve Got Mail” Guide To New York

The “You’ve Got Mail” Guide To New York.

There’s a You’ve Got Mail tour of New York.

You’ve Got Mail might be the most charming and quotable movies I’ve ever seen, and that, as well as the extraordinary chemistry of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, makes it my favorite movie. The screenplay is witty while also being romantic (not in the lovey-dovey way but in the lovers of life sense). And sometimes simple trailings of thought turn out to be profound.

“Don’t you just love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

This film glorifies New York, and I would love to see the city through Kathleen Kelley’s eyes. I will definitely do this the next time I’m in New York City, preferably in the fall.